Dental Implant Restorations

If you received treatment for the anchor of a new dental implant, the next step after the healing process is finished is to receive your new implant.

Your new implant tooth will be custom made for you & will look & feel like your original teeth. The implant tooth is referred to as a crown, since it sits above your gums, & will be secured to the anchor with an abutment. After a short period of healing, your new implant crown will be ready to go & you will be able to enjoy many, if not all, the foods you enjoyed before. Not to mention your smile will be full & bright, which can lead to a boost in self-confidence.

Because implanted teeth are fixed in the mouth—rather than being removable, like dentures—they allow a return to much of the comfort & function of natural teeth. Increased chewing ability means you can enjoy more nutritious foods, contributing to your overall health & wellbeing. Dental implants can help prevent future dental problems, especially the gradual bone loss in the jaw associated with missing teeth.

Advantages of Implant Crowns

The biggest advantage implants have over dentures is that they’re permanent. Unlike removable dentures or partial dentures, implants do not involve messy adhesives or false teeth getting in the way of speech or eating. Also, because they’re permanent, implants will always be a perfect fit, unlike dentures which may need to be refitted or replaced over time.

To replace single teeth, the two main options are an implant or a bridge. Because bridges are attached to surrounding teeth, they require these healthy teeth to be reshaped in order to replace the missing tooth between them. Bridges can also put you at a higher risk of tooth decay in the supporting teeth, while a standalone implant does not.

Finding the Right Restorative Care

This last step in the implant process can be months after your original anchor was set. During that time, you may have moved, changed insurance or any number of other factors may have arisen that have you looking for a new practice to finish your procedure. That’s why we offer dental restoration for our patients in our gentle practice…so you can put your mind at ease & be confident that your new smile will be completed by highly trained dental professionals.

Before your procedure, we can go over what to expect before & after your treatment. We will also thoroughly go over your records & talk with you about what your anchor procedure was like & what issues, if any, you had during healing. This way, we can prevent any similar problems arising during placing the crown & ensure your healing time is as low as possible.

If you are getting more than one crown placed, that’s no problem. Often, multiple crowns can be set at the same time so long as each anchor is fully healed by the time you come in for your treatment.

What kind of care do implants require?

You care for your implants just as you would care for natural teeth: by brushing them for two minutes twice a day or after meals, & by flossing daily. With proper oral hygiene, your implants should give you a healthy smile that lasts the rest of your life.